Pt 2- Chance Meeting

Hey everybody happy Monday! Grind n shine! Here’s the 2nd part of The Story of J & Prince.

…all around me i could see this cloud of darkness tapping the lives of my loved ones. Family problems threatened to tear my family apart. Unknown to me at the time, my Prince was living his own ordeal as well. Before I came across that fateful craigslist ad, Prince was living in a home which most would consider borderline neglectful. I was mindlessly surfing the classifieds on craigslist when i saw an ad for some pups. I had lost my first true puppy love (pun intended) Simba years ago, and I felt it was time to give another puppy a chance to win my heart over. So I followed up with the ad which was actually a couple hundred miles south from my home in Laredo. I ended up in a modest home in the Valley and that was the moment that fate placed this bundle of joy in my path……… to be continued

I’ve got a surprise for y’all coming up in a couple of days stay tuned.

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